Integrated New Customer Enrollment

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With inVue, enrolling new customers just got incredibly easy. inVue can integrate with your account management software to create a new customer. The system will walk the new customer through a simple step by step process, collecting all of the information that you need to do business.

  • Two-way real-time integration with your account management software pulls current information and updates with new accounts
  • Replicates your printed credit application and contracts
  • Automatically takes new customers through the enrollment process in minutes
  • Collects all required account information:
    • Contact information
    • Delivery location
    • Tank and fill pipe locations
    • Billing information
    • Employer and credit information
  • Confirms applicant is not already customer
  • Confirms service area
  • Checks credit rating and approves or disallows (based on company-set parameters)
  • Allows for custom messaging at all steps
  • Auto-saves continuously for follow-up on incomplete applications
  • Enables one-time orders or full enrollment
  • Can include customer enrollment in Price Protection, Budget, Service and Loyalty programs
  • Integrates with online payment gateway for immediate completion contracts
  • All accounts are subject to company approval
  • Automatic write-back to your customer account management software


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