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PricePoint: Real-Time Price Protection Enrollment System

Simplify risk management and price protection enrollment, while offering unsurpassed flexibility that works with your existing contracts. Multiple programs, tiered pricing, local discounts and expiration dating can all be managed – and revised – at will.

  • Streamline price protection enrollments
  • Email capture and verification
  • Track and manage gallons protected
  • Coordinate with your risk management programs
  • Define limits and alert levels
  • Federal E-Sign compliant for legally binding contracts
  • Fully customizable
  • Tiered pricing
  • Local/regional discounts
  • Administrator override of default settings
  • Pricing expiration and lock-out dates
  • Utilize your existing contracts and documents
  • Reduce expenses for printing, processing and postage
  • Connect to your online payment gateway
  • Detailed custom reports


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